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Saturday, October 28th, 2006
11:13 am
Epilogue: May of 2008
Bill and I left St. Mungo’s with our tiny new sons, Charlie and Matthieu, a few days after I gave birth. Although the first few weeks would be a bit rough, we finally got it down to a routine. I was amazed at how much I could love two people I had just met, but the boys awakened new emotions in me that I never knew existed.
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Current Mood: happy
Monday, October 2nd, 2006
8:03 pm
New Beginnings
What began as an ordinary day has suddenly become extraordinary. Bill and I spent this weekend just relaxing and being with each other. Of course, since I was still on bed rest and hugely pregnant it wasn’t as though we’d be out practicing Disarming Spells or anything. Mother, Gabrielle and Aidan visited on Saturday and ended up staying for dinner. Bill has been trying his best to cook, and he’s actually pretty good at it – even Mother was impressed. We spent a very pleasant evening by the fire and it was late when they left. I was feeling very tired the next day and slept in until after nine. Bill brought me breakfast in bed and we just cuddled together for the rest of the day.
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Sunday, September 24th, 2006
2:21 am
After two weeks of bed rest, I’ve missed out on a lot that has been going on around me, but I feel better than I have in a long time. The babies are healthy and growing more every day and that is all that matters. In about a month they will be here and our lives will all change so much.
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Sunday, September 10th, 2006
1:22 am
33 weeks, 6 days
33 weeks, 6 days…

Today began as any other Saturday with my bladder waking me up from a nice, comfortable sleep. By the time I raced (okay, waddled – who am I kidding?) to the loo and relieved myself, I was wide-awake. Bill was still asleep, snoring loudly, and his hair a tousled mess on the pillow. I crept downstairs quietly, thinking of making something to eat and a nice pot of tea. Looking at the clock on the mantle of the fireplace in the kitchen, I sighed when I saw that it was only 5:30. I could have slept another hour. Oh well, my back was feeling a bit stiff anyway, and the thought of food was enough to drive me mad. I still have to watch what I eat in the morning, even though my morning sickness has been over for quite awhile. Some things seem to sit better in my stomach than others, so I went with my old standby of oatmeal, toast and tea. I sat at the table in our cheery kitchen and thought about everything I have to do in the next six weeks to get ready for the arrival of the babies. Not long after I started on my second cup of tea, I heard Bill on the stairs.

“Morning, Luv,” he said as he leaned down to kiss me and put a gentle hand on my stomach. “Feel okay?”

I nodded. “Yes, just awake. Actually I’m very awake,” I said. I really did feel full of energy today, which was a welcome change. “I’m going to go to the store a bit early and organize my office a bit so Mother can find everything when I’m out with the babies.”

Between Mother, Aiden and Gabrielle, I know the store will be well taken care of while I am home with the twins for a few months. Although Gabrielle is back for her last year at Beauxbatons, the school allows students to go to their homes for the weekends if they choose, which is a bit different that a lot of the British schools. Gabrielle can Apparate now that she is 17, so she planned to go to Mother’s last night and would be meeting me at the store this morning to work.

Before she left for school last week, I had a sisterly talk with Gabrielle about Aiden. I told her that her rude behavior toward Aiden was not acceptable and that if she wanted to work in the store she would have to be civil towards him. To Bill, it was quite obvious that Gabrielle liked Aiden, but was having a hard time dealing with it since he didn’t appear to be interested in her. I suspected that he was, but she needed to discover that on her own.

After I said goodbye to Bill, I Apparated to the store and was pleased that I had plenty of time to organize things. I update all of my filing, made sure the account books were in order and generally straightened things up. By the time Aiden arrived at 8:45, I had two pots of tea brewed and bewitched with a warming charm, and a large plate of cookies on the front counter. I like to have something nice for my customers to enjoy while they browse through the aisles.

“Mrs. Weasley, do you want me to get that for you?” Aiden offered as I started to restock the shelves where I offer French wines from the Delacour vineyard.

“Thank you,” I said and let him take over the job. My back was aching a bit, and I needed to visit the loo again.

Gabrielle arrived as I was returning from the loo. She kissed me hello and even said a polite good morning to Aiden, who looked up in surprise.

“Um, good morning to you, Gabrielle,” he said. I noticed that his cheeks were a bit rosier than normal. “How was your first week back at school?”

She rolled her eyes (something she is even more famous for than I was at her age). “The same, I suppose. Nothing interesting ever happens there. I can’t wait until I graduate so I can move to London.”

This was news to me. “London? When did you decide this?” I asked, wondering how Mother was going to handle both of her girls living in Britain.

Gabrielle tossed her mane of golden hair. “Not long ago. I’d like to perhaps study art at one of the universities.”

Gabrielle was a very talented artist and I was happy to see her take an interest in furthering her education, although I was surprised she would consider going to a Muggle university. It is not a common thing in our world.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. I was happy to see Aiden and Gabrielle getting along better. We decided to order Thai take-away for lunch, and when Aiden offered to get it, Gabrielle asked if she could go too. I could see the surprise on his face, but he agreed. It was quiet in the store, so I was able to sit down for a bit. My back was beginning to really bother me, and I decided that the first thing I would do when I got back home would be to relax in a hot bath. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen.

About an hour after we ate, I had two very strong contractions. Taking the vial of the potion Mattie, my Medi-Witch, had given me, I swallowed a mouthful of the strange tasting brew. The contractions seemed to go away, so I went about my business. About an hour later, I felt another contraction. Mattie had advised me that I could take the potion up to three times in three hours, no more. I took a second dose and prayed that this time it would help. It didn’t and within a half an hour I was having contractions that were enough to make me wince.

Gabrielle noticed my discomfort. “Fleur, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“I think I’m going into labor,” I said, not wanting to believe it.

Gabrielle’s eyes got wide. “But…but…you can’t…I mean, isn’t it too early?”
Aiden heard the concern in our voices and joined us. “Do you need to go to the hospital?” he asked anxiously.

Gabrielle was wringing her hands, as I was rendered speechless by another contraction. “She can’t go to the hospital, I mean, not a Muggle one.” I had told her that Aiden’s uncle was a Muggle-born Wizard and was aware of the existence of our world. “What do I do?” Gabrielle pleaded.

Aiden put his hand on her arm. “Gabrielle, you need to take her to wherever it is she has to go.”

“St. Mungo’s,” I gasped. I was beginning to feel a bit lightheaded from the pain. “Gabrielle, I can Apparate the two of us there – I need you to come along with me.”

She nodded, looking scared. I felt sorry for her, but I was more concerned about my babies. I needed help and soon.

Aiden quickly wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to Gabrielle. “I will close the store, don’t worry. This is my phone number. Please call me later and let me know if everything is okay,” he said.

I wanted to have time to let Bill know what was happening, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to Apparate if I took the time to send him an Owl. Grabbing Gabrielle’s hand, I took out my wand and the two of us Apparated to the Maternity ward of St. Mungo’s.

An hour later, I found myself admitted and given two different types of potions, which thankfully stopped the contractions. Gabrielle had contacted Bill and he rushed to the hospital, almost Apparating on top of my Mother, who arrived at the same time.

“Well, Mrs. Weasley,” Mattie said with a smile, “You won’t be giving birth today, thankfully, but you are going to have to spend the night. After that, you will be on bedrest until you deliver. No excessive walking, no lifting and no sex.”

I wanted to crawl under the sheets. My mother and little sister were standing right there and my Medi-Witch has to mention sex? I was mortified, but then I looked over at Bill and saw how red his face was and it made me feel better.

Mother and Gabrielle left a short time later. Gabrielle promised to let Aiden know that I was fine.

“But I’m not using this telephone thing he was talking about. He’s getting an Owl and he’ll just have to deal with it,” she said with a devilish smile as she walked out of my room.

After getting Mattie’s permission, Bill left for a short time to bring back some food. The selection at St. Mungo’s is not the best and not very good I’ve heard. Bill was gone for a long while, and I fell asleep while he was gone. When he returned he had a bag with some wonderful smells coming from it, and I instantly recognized the delicious scent of Molly’s Shepherd’s pie.

“I let Mum and Dad know what happened, and of course Mum insisted on sending this along.”

The food was delicious, and I felt myself getting sleepy after we had eaten.

Bill pulled up an overstuffed chair so that it was right next to my bed, and he reached out and held my hand.

“Are you going home?” I asked. My eyes were so heavy I could barely keep them open.

Bill squeezed my hand as he sat back in his chair. “No, I’m spending the night here with you and the boys. I’m not leaving my family”, he said as I drifted off to sleep.

Current Mood: exhausted
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
10:25 pm
I am starting to feel like I have been pregnant forever. My back hurts, I’m continually starving and I can’t remember what my feet look like. At least Bill rubs them for me whenever I ask him to. My stomach has now achieved proportions I never could imagine, and the twins are continually kicking, but it makes me happy to feel them moving inside of me; to know that the lives that Bill and I created together will be ready to enter this world in about six more weeks or so.
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Thursday, August 10th, 2006
7:26 pm
I have not been this tired in months. I’m 29 weeks along now with my twins and the pregnancy is going well, but it’s beginning to take its toll on me. Don’t get me wrong – I love being pregnant, even though my stomach has taken on unimaginable proportions and I have not seen my feet in weeks.
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Friday, June 2nd, 2006
10:47 pm
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Today was the most amazing day, and I am so excited I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep for a week. I had my appointment with my Medi-Witch, Mattie, this morning. It was just a routine visit, but I knew she was going to use some special charm to provide us with a picture of the babies. I can’t remember what the name was, but she said it was like a Muggle ultrasound – only better. Of course, that meant nothing to me because I can’t exactly say I’m too schooled in the Muggle world, but that is beside the point.
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Sunday, May 7th, 2006
11:48 pm
Getting ready
I haven’t been this tired in a long time. This weekend Bill and I worked on the nursery, and it’s almost ready to welcome our sons. We have plenty of space in our new house, but we think it is best to have Matthieu and Charlie share a room until they are older. We decided to make the bedroom across the hall from ours into the nursery – it is a nice sized room with large windows that face the west, and I can just picture me sitting there feeding the boys and watching the sun set.
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Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
10:21 pm
Hormones and Veela Blood
Today was not the best of days. I thought when you found out you were pregnant that everything was supposed to be happiness and joy. I also thought that everything was finally going right for Bill and I. I started my own business, we bought a house and we found out that in a few short months we are going to be the parents of two baby boys. Life seemed like it was going so well - and then he told me.
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Current Mood: guilty
Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
8:02 pm
What's in a Name?
I have been on bed rest now for five days now, and I am beyond ready to go back to work tomorrow. I’m really trying hard not to complain, but I’m just not the staying still kind of person.
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Saturday, April 1st, 2006
1:42 pm
Owlpost from Fleur and Bill to Fred and George
Bill and I sent an owl to Fred and George to wish them a Happy Birthday. You can view it at http://pr-owlpost.livejournal.com/

Since I'm on bedrest until at least Monday morning, this was about the most exciting thing I've done all day. Oh well, it's for a good reason.

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
10:06 pm
Great Expectations
I awake to the sound of Bill putting a hot cup of tea on the nightstand and roll over to see his smiling face looking down at me.
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Current Mood: ecstatic
Sunday, March 12th, 2006
1:17 am
I wake up this morning actually feeling good for a change. For the first time in a week I am not nauseated, so I roll on my side and snuggle up to Bill. I’ve always been amazed at how well I fit in his arms – it’s like we are two pieces of a puzzle. He comes slowly awake as my hand rests on his chest before sliding lower down.
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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
8:20 pm
The countdown begins. I just sent out owl posts to my mother and all of Bill's family for dinner at our new home on Saturday night. We are going to tell them about the bookstore (I'm sure my mother will be horrified that I have chosen to open my own business rather than join the Ministry), then surprise them all with the news about the baby.
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Sunday, March 5th, 2006
3:56 pm
Bill said to me once something about change being the only thing that stays constant. I don’t think I quite understood it at the time, but the events of the past few weeks have given me a new understanding of this phrase. If I were to have known just a short time ago that my whole life was about to change so completely, I never would have believed it. Even as I sit here now and write it down, it seems like it has all happened to someone else.
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Current Mood: loved
Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
9:35 pm
A new perspective
I’m home in the comfortable apartment Bill and I have shared since our marriage, wrapped in the strong arms of my husband as we cuddle together on the couch. I rest my head against his chest and listen to the sound of his heartbeat. It is my favourite sound in the world, and it calms me like nothing else. It has been an awful week for us, but the news that Harry is finally awake was most welcome. I’ve never seen poor Ginny so frightened, and even Bill was scared that Harry was not going to make it this time.
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Current Mood: contemplative
Saturday, January 28th, 2006
1:46 am
Late night reflections
It’s late, and for some reason I can’t sleep yet again. I always have a hard time sleeping when Bill isn’t here, but that isn’t the case this time. He’s resting peacefully in the comfort of our bed, which is where I should be, but the thoughts in my head are swirling around like a cold winter storm.
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Sunday, January 8th, 2006
10:58 pm
After the holidays
It’s a brand new year and my sole resolution is to determine what it is I really want in life for myself. That sounds strange, I know, because the one thing I wanted most I already have and that is my husband, Bill. I could never imagine being with another man, nor would I want to. Our life together is everything that I dreamed it would be, but lately there is something inside of me, a feeling really, that there is something I want, and it has nothing to do with Bill.

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Saturday, December 17th, 2005
12:20 pm
Bill is back home!
Bill is finally home! I waited for what seemed like hours at the International Portkey Processing Center, but at least Harry was there to keep me company. He was quite distracted and I knew he wasn’t listening to me when I was telling him all about the surprise I had for Bill. I completely decorated our apartment for Christmas while he was away, mostly to keep myself occupied, but also because Christmas is a romantic time to me and I want to make the most of it. Anyway, I was trying to relate all of this to Harry and hoping to give him a few ideas about making things a bit more romantic for Ginny, but his mind was clearly elsewhere. I was wondering if he was distracted by that recent article in The Daily Prophet that discussed his insatiable sexual appetite, not to mention all of his supposed conquests. I was tempted to talk to him about it, but I decided better of it. It is not my business.

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
9:52 pm
I know it has been quite a while since I have updated, but life has been so busy lately. To begin, today is a very special day – it is my wonderful husband’s birthday. Before I go into the events of this special day, I need to cover what’s been going on in my life for the past few weeks.

My work at Gringott’s has kept me so busy. The past few weeks have been completely mad, especially since I had to make sure I had all of my work up to date before leaving on holiday. It seemed as though the days were dragging by until I would be reunited with Bill in Egypt. I hate that the logistics of his job has kept us apart, but I know in my heart that what he does is very dear to him. I would never want to make him choose between his work and I. They say that absence only makes the heart grow fonder, and so I tolerate these long separations and look forward to the time we get to spend together.

Bill dearly loves Egypt; that much is painfully obvious. He was so excited for me to come and visit him, and I was taken in by his descriptions of this foreign land. When the day finally came for me to join him there, I was beside myself with excitement. Since I had never before been to Egypt, Bill insisted I travel there by the Knight Bus. I wanted to just Apparate, but it can be tricky at times, especially if you are traveling to a place you’ve never been before. With great reluctance, I agreed to Bill’s suggested form of transportation despite my intuition. Since the war, the Knight Bus has become a global company, and they advertise themselves as the most comfortable, reliable and safe way for the wizarding world to travel. I have to disagree.

The trip was without a doubt the worst experience I have ever had. Instead of seats, the bus is filled with beds – as if I would sleep in a bed with twenty or so strangers around me doing the same thing! The conductor was nice enough, but he had the worst skin I’ve ever seen. His breath smelled like he’d eaten raw garlic for dinner, and he kept scratching himself in rather embarrassing places. He seemed to be the sort that is really affected by my Veela blood (for some it is more pronounced than others), and he kept pestering me with offers of hot chocolate and toothbrushes. In a word the trip was nauseating (don’t let Bill’s mother hear that or she will flood all of England with tears of joy. Mention the word nausea around her and she immediately assumes you are pregnant. I had the flu a few weeks ago and she knitted at least a dozen sets of booties before I recovered).

Anyway, Bill met me as soon as I escaped from the Knight Bus and we had quite a reunion – the intimate details of which I will tastefully keep to myself. Bill was so excited to introduce me to his co-workers, some of whom also have a weakness when it comes to Veela. I confess, I took advantage of this and got one poor man to volunteer to work all of Bill’s night shifts so he could spend time with me. I felt a bit guilty, but I did not travel so far to sleep alone! We toured the site the group is working on, and Bill took me to a small coffee house he had absolutely raved about. I was picturing something like the small cafes and bistros that are so abundant in France; cozy outdoor tables under brightly colored umbrellas, where you could sit in the warm sunshine and enjoy the atmosphere. Needless to say, the place where Bill took me was about as different from that as Fred and George are to Percy. First of all, it was too hot to sit outside, even in the early morning. The inside was dark and crowded, the floor covered with sand that was constantly blowing through the open doors and windows. I have to admit that the service was quite good, the coffee even better and the sesame cakes surprisingly delicious. The owners of the place were well acquainted with Bill, and they sent over more food than either of us could ever consume. By the time we left, I could barely stagger out the door.

During my time here in Egypt, I have spoken to Bill about my concerns with Gabrielle and her behavior. He seems to think it is just her way of discovering the person she really is, but I still have my doubts. I also told him about her continued obsession with Harry, but he just laughed and said that women were bound to fall in love with Harry Potter. He represents their ideal man – brave, handsome, good-looking, not to mention quite wealthy. Regardless, when I leave Egypt, I am planning to make a weekend trip to France and have a heart to heart discussion with my baby sister.

Speaking of baby sisters, I have seen Ginny of course while I’ve been here. I don’t think she was too pleased to see me. It is no secret that I am not her favorite person, even though I try to be a friend to her. I think that deep down she is a bit jealous of me for being such an important part of her oldest brother’s life, and I can understand that. I have known for some time that she occasionally refers to me as “Phlegm” behind my back – I overheard her one night at the Burrow. I was really hurt when I found out what it translated to in French. Still, I treat her with kindness and concern, just as I do my own sister. I know how precious she is to Bill, and I really do want her to like me and think of me as a sister. I know she has been frustrated with Harry and his reluctance to move their relationship further. I suggested that perhaps he is not ready for such a serious commitment as marriage, especially with as much as he has been though in his life. I told Ginny she might think about dating other men and keeping her options open, but it only made her mad. I was trying to be helpful, too, when I suggested that she be mindful of certain adult behaviors when she is around him. I have heard that she has spent more than one night at Harry’s place, and I told her this. I said that there is a saying in France that loosely translates to something like “if a man is getting all the milk he wants for free, why should he buy the whole cow?” I seriously thought she was going to hex me when I said that. I hastily explained that what I meant was that if she was doing things now with Harry that married people do, why should he bother to ask her to marry him? She was so upset with me that she blurted out that she and Harry had never been intimate, that he respected her enough to wait. I was so relieved that I impulsively hugged her, which I am sure she just hated. Anyway, the point is that maybe there is hope for this union, and maybe Harry is just waiting for the right time to ask her to marry him.

Before I stop writing for the night, I have to talk about Bill’s birthday. Since I have been here I’ve been cooking elaborate meals for everyone each night. I enjoy cooking and it’s something I am very proud of. After working long hours in the unforgiving sun, everyone is thrilled to have a decent home cooked meal to sit down to. Tonight, however, I cooked only for Bill and I. Since the werewolf attack, Bill has had a fondness for very rare meat. Tonight I made him steak tartar, which is his very favorite. For dessert, I made tarter au chocolate, which is a French dessert, somewhat like a cake with a center of warm melted chocolate. After dinner, we took a walk under the stars and sat on a small sandy hill overlooking the pyramids.

When we returned to our camp, I gave Bill his presents. Since spending so many weekends alone in London, I had the opportunity to explore parts of the city I had never been to before. In a small, very quaint bookstore in the Muggle part of London, I was very surprised to locate a section of books written by witches and wizards. The elderly owner, seeing my surprise, realized I was a witch and confided in me that he was a squib. His parents and wife, all of whom had passed away decades before, had all been magical and this section of books was a tribute to them. I took an immediate liking to the kindly old man, who reminded me of my father in some way – or maybe how my father would have looked if he had been fortunate enough to have seen as many years as that gentleman.

I bought a stack of books that day, the most important of which was a heavy dragon hide bound volume written by a Muggle-born witch named Calamity Jane Wellington (she confessed that her parents had a very odd sense of humor, hence the unconventional moniker). She was currently a curator at the British Museum, but for many years prior she had explored the tombs of ancient Egypt and taken painstaking notes on the various curses placed on the tombs by the ancient wizards. I knew the book was perfect for Bill, so I decided to give it to him for his birthday. In my exploration of London, I was also lucky to locate a shop selling an odd assortment of treasures from far-away lands. After spending nearly an hour looking thought various relics, I found a small gold amulet said to protect the wearer from dark curses. On it was the symbol of Isis, the goddess who represented both the life-giving spring winds of Egypt and the morning winds that hailed the arrival of the sun each day. I knew it was perfect for Bill, and I was proved right by his reaction when he opened it. His surprise at the beauty and meaning of both the book and the amulet was evident in his eyes, and he said they were the best birthday gifts he had ever received. Seeing the love for me in his eyes at that moment made everything worth it – the long nights we have spent apart, the horrible trip to Egypt, and the loneliness I feel when he is away from me. Of course, to top it all off, I had one more present for him – a little something I picked up at a lingerie shop in France a few months ago…but I don’t think that requires any further explanation.

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